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A Matter Of Preference

Given my professional nature, a willingness to try anything once and a desire to experiment, I’m an enthusiastic omnivore. I love trout, bacon, chocolate, butter, whiskey, wine, dead cows and fried things in no particular order. To the point where I can be something of an asshole about it. This is in part due to my own personal bias. If it can be eaten, it should be. In moderation. I am thankful for the flesh of the animals I eat, even if I dislike the conditions that those animals are kept in. I believe those conditions should be changed.

I had a chef in culinary school who was vegetarian. His name was Chef Bruno, looked like the lead singer of Anthrax. Big, scary burly guy, very stern but kind teacher. And he would only eat meat he killed himself, or witnessed killed personally. It was sort of impossible not to respect that, especially given that the class he taught was Butchery. Read the rest of this entry