Dinner Hack: Asian-ish Meatballs

Sometimes you wind up scavenging your cupboard and fridge, trying to find something to make for dinner. My issue is that I can’t help but want to make awesomeness out of nothing.

I’ve had a pound of ground beef in my freezer for a week or so, begging to get used up. Assorted veggies, udon noodles and a pantry full of spices. So I thought, Asian meatballs! A quick pan sauce for the veggies, toss it with the udon and an easy dinner would be had. Read the rest of this entry


Kitchen Essentials: Gear

Everybody loves stuff, especially gadgets that make our lives easier. Chefs are no different, except that our toys can get pretty expensive. The monetary value of my knives alone could probably buy a cheap used car. Hell, my chef knife was $300 before sale tag. My honing steel was nearly a hundred. But these are the tools of my trade, the two things I use every single day. Do you need to drop that kind of cash? Probably not, but let’s go over the things you should probably have in your kitchen. Read the rest of this entry

Lazy Sunday Breakfast

The greatest benefit to working nights on the weekends, as opposed to when I used to cook brunch at the hotel, is that I get the traditional Lazy Sunday experience.  Trying to sleep through the sun blazing sharply through my eastern-exposed bedroom windows, praying the child doesn’t wake up before 8am, or at least can occupy herself with her toys before she remembers that she has parents and they are supposed to bow to her every tiny whim.  Making a cup of coffee and figuring out if I feel like making breakfast or not.

Read the rest of this entry

Monday Morning Coffee: Cold, No Ice

Coffee is a sacred beverage, high above even the finest beers and whiskeys. Many, many people have devoted pages and pages to the art of brewing the perfect cup. In most cities you can find high-end purveyors of the finest roasts, Chemex pour overs, carefully pulled espresso and more. For my morning cup, I prefer a French press, but I’m the only one who drinks it in my house so I can take the time and the ritual is a major aspect of its enjoyment. Read the rest of this entry

Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding


The caramel is drizzled cold in this picture...

The caramel is drizzled cold in this picture…

Let me preface this with two things; one, I am not a huge bread pudding fan and two, I have never made it before. Being confident in my skills, I pulled out my trusty cookbooks and skimmed the internet, comparing recipes and styles. Nothing really sounded right in my brief search, so I borrowed a little from each one. Read the rest of this entry

Do I need a CV?

There are days when the only thing that qualifies me to do my job is passion. I had a bad day, made some rookie mistakes, mistimed something, burnt some turkeys. But at the end of it all, the love was still there.

I’m not a master chef, haven’t run a whole restaurant, though I have run a line for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I don’t want to teach people how to work in a professional kitchen, just help them cook like they do. Read the rest of this entry