Lazy Sunday Breakfast

The greatest benefit to working nights on the weekends, as opposed to when I used to cook brunch at the hotel, is that I get the traditional Lazy Sunday experience.  Trying to sleep through the sun blazing sharply through my eastern-exposed bedroom windows, praying the child doesn’t wake up before 8am, or at least can occupy herself with her toys before she remembers that she has parents and they are supposed to bow to her every tiny whim.  Making a cup of coffee and figuring out if I feel like making breakfast or not.

This morning, there was still some bourbon caramel sauce left over from the bread pudding, along with another loaf of challah in the freezer and a pint of cream occupying space in the fridge.  And Z happens to love French toast.  Do you see where I’m going here?  Add a banana, to pretend that it’s healthy, since there is fruit.  Best Sunday breakfast ever.


“Banana’s Foster” French Toast

Prep/Cook Time:  30-40 min


4 thick slices of challah (about an inch thick)

5 large eggs

1 cup of heavy cream

A splash of milk

1T vanilla

1t cinnamon

1t nutmeg

3T cold butter, for your skillet

2014-06-29 10.53.45

 Whipped Cream

1 cup heavy cream

1T vanilla

2T powdered/confectioner’s sugar


Caramel Bananas

1 large banana, sliced thin

3T bourbon caramel sauce

2014-06-29 10.48.38

A happy, sugary bath…


So first things first, get your skillet or griddle warming up, enough so that the butter melts but doesn’t brown.  I use a cast-iron skillet for most of my cooking, because cast-iron is the greatest.  With an electric range, I keep at a 3 or 4 while I’m getting everything ready.  Slice your challah and set it aside.  Then combine eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, cream and milk and whisk until a smooth custard begins to form.  That combination of eggs and cream, that’s a custard by the way.

2014-06-29 10.53.32

Soaking in the custard…

Challah doesn’t require much pre-soaking, being soft and absorbent like a wonderful Jewish bread pillow for your tongue.  So turn up the heat on your skillet – on electric, 6 or 7, on a gas range medium nearing high flame.  Make sure your butter is evenly coating the bottom of the pan and gently lay your slices of proto-decadence into the skillet.  The reason to keep the heat down is that, with the thickness of the slices, the custard needs to cook all the way through.  This way, the exterior will be deliciously crispy without getting scorched.

2014-06-29 10.55.32

In the pan…

2014-06-29 11.02.52

And flipped

In a separate pan, preferably non-stick, throw in your bananas and caramel sauce.  You can start the pan off cold – you really only need the caramel sauce to reduce a touch and coat your bananas.

2014-06-29 10.55.35

Bubbly deliciousness

And while your bananas are getting gooey and your toast is getting toasty, you can work on the whipped cream.  Now, if you have a standing mixer, electric beaters or whatever other gadget that suits you, please use it.  I’ll readily admit that if I’m doing a larger batch than this, I’ll use my KitchenAid.  I’m no chump.  But maybe I felt like showing off a little bit, with the whipping of the cream by hand.  Combine all ingredients in a bowl, whisk until it starts to thicken, like whipped cream.  Z kindly took a video, so that you can see, but I can’t seem to upload it without upgrading the blog.


So with your toast finished, your bananas gooey and your cream whipped to delicate, delicious perfection, plate it up and eat!  Happy Sunday, everyone!

2014-06-29 11.09.08 2014-06-29 11.09.27



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